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Mining Industry

High pressure chemical grouting

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Underground Concrete Dams
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Liquid Waterproofing has an exceptional success rate in stopping water flow in critical areas in order to maximise production time.

Water Control System

As you are obviously aware, water sealing is a field of vast and varied requirements. However, we pride ourselves as specialists in the control of free flowing or capillary migration, hydrostatic and latent movement of water.
Liquid Sealing operates as a specialist company and is able to deal with all civil engineering and mining water leakages of all types derived from a uniquely experienced background of the toughest engineering environments.
We have an experienced engineering team with an exceptional level of expertise in concrete technology and construction, water control, support and stabilisation techniques.
By retaining a specialist approach, the company is able to deliver on time and within budget and has strict quality controls over all aspects of the operations.
All our components are tried and tested under extreme pressures with high volume water flow. These very high pressures are only limited by the grout pumps itself. Pressures of up to 50 Bar can easily be achieved.
We’ve successfully sealed fissures with water flow rates of more than 1.6 million litres of water per hour.

Cost of P100 Water Control System

Like any superior system, P100 grout treatment is no doubt very cost effective. The cost compares favourably with the cost of alternative sealing methods. The differences are that P100 requires less time and that much fines passages can be penetrated and sealed. The positive sealing effect of P100 makes it possible for experienced personnel to predict the likely success that can be achieved after careful inspection and evaluation of each watermark problem. Contracts for water sealing can therefore be negotiated based on the success rate achieved.


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Poly2Flex can be classified as an emulsion grout. It is a patented polymer blend mixed with additives to promote flow and adhesion. It contains no toxic or hazardous materials other than 0.5% ammonia solution, which is present as a preservative but evaporates within minutes (see attached CSIR report.)
The reaction of Poly2Flex with water depends on the characteristics of the water, such as pH, salinity, mineral content, temperature etc. The formulation of Poly2Flex can be varied to achieve the desired reaction with the specific water being treated. It is therefore essential to carry out tests with water from the area to be treated prior to finalising the formulation.
The rate of water flow as well as the texture of the flow area also influences the selection of the appropriate formulation of Poly2Flex. High flows through large fissures or cracks require stability to achieve better penetration into the aquifer or crack before coagulation. Each case differs.
Poly2Flex can be used under very high pressures and are only limited by the grout pumps itself. Pressures of up to 50 Bar can easily be achieved.
Poly2Flex emulsion is also solidified with a chemical activator. Poly2Flex can be used in wet or dry conditions.
Mainly used in the sealing of porous areas in concrete and rock strata. Waterproofing of concrete type structures like tunnels, mine shaft linings and dam walls.

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DualFlex is a dual component urethane and polymer based resin that reacts rapidly with equal proportions of water to form a flexible, impermeable foam with excellent adhesion to concrete and rock. DualFlex is a low viscosity chemical grout primarily injected into the area of leakage, creating a mechanical and chemical bond, as well as a compression seal. The cured resin is flexible and will resist degradation through thermal expansion and contraction, wet and dry cycles, and freeze and thaw cycles for long periods. Applications: Medium to large cracks or joints in concrete
Excellent to fill and seal medium to large inaccessible areas in structures. Stop infiltration through sewage systems, storm and drain culverts, manholes, utility vaults, large-diameter pipe or similar structures. Excellent for waterproofing tunnels, elevator pits, dams, reservoirs, etc. DualFlex can be used in wet or dry conditions.

Case Studies

  • ANGLO PLATINUM – Amandelbult 2#

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    Various fissures have been intersected by cover drilling decanting approximately 2500 to 8000 litres per hour at pressures of approximately 11 bar through a 50mm casing pipe. The highest pressure encountered was 27 bar.

    All these fissures have been pre-sealed with chemical grouting through pre-drilled holes in the face which intercepted the fissure. Grouting distance varied between 8 and 15m.

    After grouting was completed, a test hole was drilled from the face into the fissure, which confirmed that the fissure was sealed satisfactorily and development continued through the fissure.

    A total of 14 fissures were sealed by Liquid Waterproofing.

    The face of a waterbearing fissure measuring 1,2m wide was blasted open during mining operations decanting approximately 500 000 liters of water into the mine. After several attempts to cementate and 9 months later Liquid Waterproofing was called in to chemical grout the fissure. After a series of dye and pressure tests the sealing operation started.

    The entire project was completed in 44 days and the haulage was blasted through the fissure and normal mining development could continue.

    Thereafter, the same fissure was also drilled and chemically grouted at the level below the first fissure. The second fissure was completed in 24 days whereafter normal mining development continued.

    Various other smaller fissures were also sealed at the same mine.

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    Water was seeping into a newly constructed vent shaft which caused damage to the vent fans.

    A series of holes were drilled around the perimeter of the shaft from surface down to 55m.

    After a series of dye tracer tests, chemical grouting procedures commenced.

    The water was sealed to the client’s satisfaction.

    During the development of a new vent shaft, a waterbearing fissure was intercepted where approximately 2000 liters of water leaked directly into the shaft causing major construction delays.

    48mm holes were drilled to intercept the fissure over a distance of approximately 40m whereafter chemical grout was injected to seal the fissure.

    The entire sealing operation was completed in 6 days whereafter normal development of the shaft continued.

    Water was seeping at 1200 liters per hour into the newly constructed vent shaft measuring a depth of approximately 830m through the concrete shaft lining through construction joints. The shaft was developed through a waterbearing zone approximately 40m below surface.
    16mm holes were drilled to intercept all the joints whereafter the chemical grout was injected into the joints ultimately sealing all the joints to the client’s satisfaction.

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    A series of minor fissures have been sealed in the hanging walls of a shale rock formation area measuring 400 sq.m

    The development in the lowest section of the mine, stretched through a waterbearing aquifer with water temperature measuring 60 to 70 degrees Cels.

    Cementation of the drilled holes took to long to set and progress was too slow. Liquid Waterproofing undertook the chemical grouting under extreme conditions and sealed the water as development continued.

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    Various underground concrete dams have been sealed by means of chemical injection between the concrete wall and the rock sidewall.
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